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Thursday, December 22, 2005

"Martyrs' Brigade" hits Shell oil pipeline in Nigeria

BBC News has reported that a dynamite attack by unknown gunmen has disabled a major oil pipeline in Nigeria run by Shell.

A previously unknown group calling itself the "Martyrs' Brigade" has claimed responsibility for the attack. The Martyrs' Brigade issued a statement to the Nigerian press which has not been widely reported in Nigeria, but that, according to Radio France Internationale, expressed the intention to initiate widescale, armed attacks in the Niger delta region. The statement read:"if petroleum production does not provide any economic or social benefit for our people, it should be saved for future generations. There will be more acts of sabotage."

News articles:

"Shell Oil hit by Nigerian attack" BBC News

"Nigeria Oil attack prompts alert" BBC News

"At least eight dead in Nigerian pipeline blast" Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

"Petrol en feu" (France)

"Government issues security alert in Niger delta" Guardian News (Nigeria)


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