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Monday, November 21, 2005

Liberia: Jeep and run

It looks like Liberian members of parliament, in anticipation of being booted out by winners of the recent , are stripping their offices of everything of value. The IRIN Africa New Service reported:
"...the 76 out-going parliamentarians are so attached to their government-issued Grand Cherokee Jeeps that on Friday they passed a "binding resolution" to keep them beyond the end of their term."
Presumably, the MPs were given Jeeps to bring them closer to their consituents, enabling them to move around areas in their districts where unpaved roads and frequent rains would otherwise make travel impossible. Jeeps are one of those concrete inputs donors love to use to "build democracy."

Of course, considering how little Liberian MPs make legally, none of this surprises. In Liberia, as in most desperately poor countries, there are no rewards for honesty.

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